Repair of torn fabric

Ompelimo Helka Four stars

Repair of torn fabric 24.00 €

Patching torn or worn fabric. A place is placed under the tear and quilted on the right side of the fabric.

Typically 2 days + transport

Is the fabric torn and you want to patch it as discreetly as possible?
The seamstress will mend the torn as seamlessly as possible and get your garment back to use. The thread chosen for the repair is as close as possible to the colour of your garment.

If you want a visible patch on the fabric, choose visible mending/patching.

Extending the life of a garment is always worthwhile. The longer you wear a garment, the lower its environmental impact and carbon footprint.
By choosing to repair your clothes instead of buying new ones, you're doing your bit for more sustainable future - congratulations 👏

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