Repair of an open seam

Fid&Sam Five stars

Repair of an open seam 18.00 €

Sewing an open seam closed on the inside of the garment when only the stitching has opened. If the fabric is broken. Patching torn fabric.

Typically 2 days + transport

The seamstress will repair a torn or opened seam seamlessly. The thread chosen for the repair is as close as possible to the colour of your garment. Repairing an open seam will also ensure a longer life for your garment as the stitching will leave the seam sturdier.

Extending the life of a garment is always worthwhile. The longer you wear a garment, the lower its environmental impact and carbon footprint.
By choosing to repair your clothes instead of buying new ones, you're doing your bit for more sustainable future - congratulations 👏

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