Extend the life of your garment with alterations or upcycle them

Some clothes are left in the wardrobe because they don't fit properly, or because they are not the right style. With a few small adjustments, you can make clothes that fit your body and style, and of course extend the life of your clothes at the same time. With clothing alterations, you can also revamp your wardrobe by giving your existing clothes a new look - an inexpensive way to refresh your wardrobe!

By extending the use of your garments, you can significantly reduce their carbon footprint. By using a garment for just one year longer, its carbon footprint can be reduced by up to 24% (Eco-Age). In addition, by not buying a new garment, you save water, emissions and energy from the production process of the new garment. In fact, altering your clothes, and thus extending their life, is one of the best environmental actions you can take in your wardrobe.

With Menddie, you can do both small and large garment alterations: shortening hems or sleeves, taking in trousers or dresses, or completely customizing a garment to your style.

Prolonging the life of clothing through garment alteration
Improving the longetivity of clothing through clothing alteration work
Impact of clothes alteration on personal carbon footprint
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