1. Delivery time

Typical delivery time for repair services is 5-14 working days. The customer will be informed by e-mail about the progress of the order. Registered users can also follow the progress of the order in real time by logging in to their account.

We will contact the customer by e-mail or phone if the product cannot be repaired as requested. In this case, the product will be returned to the customer or, if possible, a new agreement will be discussed to modify the order.

2. Delivery methods

Repair services are delivered by Matkahuolto. The customer receives a seven-digit activation code when placing the order, which can be used to send the order via any Matkahuolto parcel machine or branch in Finland.

When placing the order, the customer can choose to return the repaired products either automatically to the same point from which they were sent or to a return point of their choice.

The customer is responsible for preparing and packing the items for the first shipment, for example with a suitable plastic or paper bag on which the activation code received when placing the order is written. The customer will be provided with packaging and shipping instructions at the time of ordering.

If the order includes repairs from more than one service provider, the customer will deliver the products separately to each service provider.

3. Repair services

Repair services are carried out by Menddie's service provider partners. The customer selects the service provider of his choice when placing the order. Menddie may also refer the repairs to another service provider if necessary.

The content of the repair services will vary depending on the choices made by the customer when placing the order. The customer may include specific requests or comments in the order.

Providers may also charge the customer for additional repairs in the event of a perceived need for more repairs or inadequate choice of service. The customer is not obliged to pay for additional repairs, in which case they will not be carried out. If the repairs cannot be carried out without additional repairs, the order will be cancelled and returned to the customer.

Due to the handcrafted nature of the repair services, the customer accepts that the repair ordered may not look exactly like the images presented on Menddie's website or elsewhere.

4. Satisfaction guarantee and complaints

Repair with confidence! We offer a 100-day satisfaction guarantee on all repairs. If the repair is defective or faulty, or the garment is otherwise damaged in handling, Menddie will carry out a new repair or refund the cost of the service.

Any claims relating to an order or delivery should be made within 100 days of receipt of the item being processed by email to

The customer has the right to make a claim if the repaired product is damaged in handling, deteriorated, breaks down during normal use, or otherwise does not meet the repair's specifications. The customer must be able to prove the fault of the service provider, for example with pictures of the product.

5. Order Cancellation

The customer has the right to cancel his order without giving a reason within 14 days of the order if the repair work has not yet started. To cancel the order, the customer must contact Menddie's customer service by email at

Menddie reserves the right to cancel the order fully or partially should the repair service ordered is no longer available, the service providers concludes that the repair cannot be carried out according to the customer's wishes, or the ervice provider refuses to repair the item.

The cancelled order will be credited according to the customer's wishes, either according to the original payment method, directly to the account specified by the customer or as a gift card. Any promotional codes used for the order will be returned for use but will not be extended.

The value of the order will be partially or fully refunded depending on the nature of the cancellation.

6. Payment

Services sold on are subject to a fee and are paid for at the time of ordering.

Menddie uses payment services from the providers listed below to pay for your order. The payment services own terms and conditions apply when using them.

Stripe, card payments

Visma Pay, online banking and mobile payments

7. Contact details

Jämeräntaival 5 C 336
02150 ESPOO

Business ID: 3107635-8

8. Exceptions for warranty repair customers

Warranty repair is a repair service provided to the recipient by Menddie's partner businesses at no charge to the user.

The same terms of delivery apply to the recipient of warranty repairs, with the following exceptions:

There is no charge for warranty repairs and delivery costs.

In the event of a complaint, Menddie will take corrective measures with service providers. If a repair is not possible, Menddie's Business partner will process the complaint. No compensation can be accepted in a case of a cancelled order.

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