What is Menddie?

We're a Finnish startup company that develops a marketplace for selling repair services online.


Our job is to make finding and using repair services easier than buying new products.

Huge quantities of products are produced for use around the world. Many of these products break down prematurely and often the easiest option is to throw the broken items in the trash and replace them with new ones. We think this is a waste that could often be avoided.

Service providers

Menddie is a platform where various repair services can sell their services to the general public with a good customer experience. When you buy a repair from us, you are also a customer of the company that will carry out the repair.

Menddie Repairs
Astone Alterations & Vintage
Espoo Mending
Ompelimo Siivonen
Tmi Tanja Ek
Kati Koski Tmi
Vuolas Circular Design
Upstitch Studio
Ompelimo Design Valkyria
Menddie Phone Repairs

Team Menddie

The people behind Menddie want to use their expertise to solve problems related to overconsumption. The same people work on service development and take care of the shopping experience, customer service and advice.

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