Repair your favorite clothes

By repairing your clothes, you extend their life and thus reduce their environmental impact, as well as enjoy your favourite clothes for longer.

By extending the life of a garment, you can significantly reduce its carbon footprint. By using a garment for just one year longer, its carbon footprint can be reduced by up to 24% (Eco-Age). In addition, by not buying a new garment to replace a broken one, you save water, emissions and energy from the production process of a new garment. Repairing clothes is therefore one of the best environmental actions you can take in your wardrobe.

Menddie's professional tailors can make magic even with clothes that are already very worn - such as jeans with crotch tears - are given an extended life. This way you can keep your favourite clothes in daily use a little longer!

Prolonging the life of clothes through mending
Improving the longetivity of clothes by mending
The impact of clothing repair on the personal carbon footprint

Choose your clothing repair

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