Select and order the repairs you need

Start by selecting a garment. You will be taken to a page where you can select the material of the garment and the repair category. After that, you will get a listing of all available repairs from different service providers.

After choosing a repair, you can include more repairs to the garment from the same service provider.

Unable to find a suitable repair? Try sending us an offer request by clicking the "Get an estimate" button on the front page. We will send an offer to your email within a few days.

You can check and confirm your order from the basket.

Pack your items and send them for repair

You will see the packing and shipment instructions on the order confirmation page. The same information will be sent to your email. You will find your nearest delivery point by checking the map on the front page.

Pack the garments securely in a plastic bag and write your seven-character activation code on it with a marker. If necessary, wash and identify the garments according to the instructions.

The order will be sent and returned to and from any Matkahuolto parcel locker or service point.

Wait for a text message

It usually takes three to ten days to repair the items. If we have questions about your order, we will contact you with a text message.

You will get a text message once the package is available for pickup. It will contain an eight-digit code for the delivery point. The shipment will be stored for a maximum of two weeks, after which it will be transferred elsewhere for long-term storage.

Get your items from Matkahuolto

The repaired items will be delivered to the same delivery point you left them in.

Use your items again

Repaired items are at their best when you wear them.

We will try to contact you later by email or phone to ask for your feedback in order to make the service better suited for your specific needs.

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