Mending jeans, Crotch area

Vaatturi/Ompelija Jenni Ranta Five stars

Mending jeans, Crotch area 30.00 €

We will repairs the tears as invisible and durable as possible! We will put a patch underneath the tear and stitch from the right side of the jeans. (This method is best for the jeans made of 100 % cotton. Noted, if the jeans have elastane in them the patching won't stretch like the jeans.)

Typically 1 days + transport

Depending on the size of the torn fabric, the seamstress will patch the hole or tear with an inconspicuous piece of fabric or, for example, on jeans, with denim from the inside. The stitch is made as close to the seam as possible
inconspicuous as possible. This will restore your trousers as close as possible to their original condition and the patching will ensure durability in the future.
Extending the life of a garment is always worthwhile. The longer you wear a garment, the lower its environmental impact and carbon footprint.
By choosing to repair your clothes instead of buying new ones, you're doing your bit for more sustainable future - congratulations 👏

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